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The journey of volunteer is a range from two (2) weeks to more one (1) year during which men and women forming a team and come from different backgrounds voluntarily participate in the physical implementation of a local project. The works vary from one locality to another and are generally accessible to all: Construction of school support, advocacy, education, reforestation, rehabilitation of water points ...
These are long days for a team that requires a lot of responsibility. It is a land of cultural mix that is to say that there are meetings of various nationalities, from different social backgrounds, different ideas, different cultures and different practices and customs.

Participants live together on the same site. Accommodation is based on what is available on the host site. This can be a center of camp, a house, school etc..... The dormitories are common.
The equipment you need to bring: sleeping, sleeping bag, mosquito net, torch, sturdy shoes, light clothes and city, pharmaceuticals, cameras, camera (optional), binoculars (optional), musical instrument , sporting goods, vaccination. The main bed is the bed, the mattress or mat, cooking is done with coal or wood. Three meals are provided daily.

French, English.

By completing the form, you acknowledge having over 18 years. For those under 18, parental consent is required.
a)Register with WEBDEV FOUNDATION and complete either the form of volunteering directly online, or download the Word file or PDF, complete it and return it by e-mail. WEBDEV FOUNDATION will then take home with you to the beginning of the formalities.
b)Meet the conditions of entry in CAMEROON: Valid Passport, visa, vaccination, health and travel insurance ...
c)Participation fees ranging by €100 to  €360 per month, depending on the living/working conditions in the town volunteers will be operating.
  1. Airport pick-up
  2. Feeding (African food)
  3. Accomodation (Dormitory or Student Room or Home Stay depending on availability)
  4. A donation towards the project
  5. Administration and organization
  6. A WEBDEV Foundation T-Shirt
  7. Induction seminar
  8. 24/7 support from our staff before your travel (via website & Facebook page –both of this are very reliable).
  9. 24/7 support and from our staff while abroad volunteering.
  10. Basic lessons in the language of the culture (you will watch videos and may be matched with an orphan native speaker who wishes to volunteer to help you learn).
  11. Application for volunteering
  12. Answers to all your questions through our website and our Facebook Page.
  13. Advise to everything you will need.
  14. Information packet.
  15. Staff supervision in the country.
  16. Advise from past volunteers through our website and Facebook Page.
What’s not included in.
Passport, visa, flights, mandatory insurance, vaccinations, departure from the program, souvenirs, pocket money.
We recommend that you allocate about 25euros per week for expenses such as bottled water, beverages, entertainment, lunch and personal items.
Orientation week (50euros) when you get to Cameroon through watching, listening or reading a recording of a previous orientation.
This amount is payable in Yaounde at the headquarters of our association or by transfer into the bank account.

According to air conditions and other weather, volunteers will arrive 48 hours before the start of the project and will leave 24 or 48 hours at end of project. The additional accommodation and food instead of the project in these times are provided by WEBDEV FOUNDATION for 48 hours and the volunteer beyond.

Travel Extra are the volunteer's expense. Leisure, visits, excursions during free weekend , personal consumption of the volunteer, souvenirs and other purchases during the stay is provided by the volunteer himself.

Volunteers should register at least 02 months before the project start, to allow WEBDEV FOUNDATION to better organize receptions in Cameroon.


With both ongoing and summer programs, volunteers are expected to work between seven and eight hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Weekends are kept free for the volunteers to go sightseeing or spend their time as they please.
Summer short-term programs involve small groups of volunteers and take anywhere between one and four weeks to complete, while ongoing long-term programs can run anywhere from one month to a year. Volunteers are at liberty to indicate which projects they are interested in and for what duration. We are happy to accommodate any special requirements with regard to dates and types of programs. To see a full list of all the summer and and ongoing programs, please click here.

As the work is purely voluntary, no special skills, experience or knowledge are needed. The activities carried out are always aligned with each participant’s physical and mental capabilities. It is a good opportunity for eager and curious volunteers to explore new avenues. Technical leaders are always present in each project to lead the work process and constantly monitor the situation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of volunteers.

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