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The African countries are confronted for several years with the problems of underdevelopment and the governments (in place) put themselves ready to work and secure the living conditions of the future generations.
However, in many countries, the development is a question which returns in the conversations and which is always handed in the hands of the State which has more and more difficulty to contain the height of population.
So, how long should we wait before the development arrives? Will this reach all of our communities? How many years still so that in the African countrysides there is some light (electricity) everywhere? Even less internet?
A group of young Cameroonians thus decided in 2006 to set up an organization which will be officially legalized in October, 2008 in the objective to contribute to the global efforts of reassurance of the living conditions in our communities in Africa. The Name was created as Web and Development Foundation with a short name WEBDEV FOUNDATION.

WEBDEV FOUNDATION is a humanitarian, apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit association whose main activities are based on the social education in ICT (Information Technology and Communication), cooperation and reciprocal solidarity. WEBDEV FOUNDATION is composed by young people who share the passion to build an efficient society andd sustainable environment.
WEBDEV FOUNDATION undertakes alongside the Cameroonian government and other national and international organizations to contribute in the areas of education, health, environment and culture to fight against underdevelopment. We are also interest about child care, human rights, women’s empowerment as well as providing assistance to discriminated and disadvantaged community groups such as people with disabilities, street children and orphans.
We provide volunteers to work with various NGO with the aim to achieve millenium developpment goals. We are grateful for all those are interested in our actions(shares) and give their contribution of whatever nature to allow us to realize our objectives.
Clotaire Ntienou
Founder and Director

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