WBD Project: The Way of the Bamileke Dynasties (14-21days)

If you want to experience the adventure of traditional chiefdoms of western Cameroon, visit about 13 chiefdoms, this program allows you to immerse yourself in the heart of African traditions and you will discover the power of the cultural potential of this highland region of Cameroon. >> Register now >>

MOUNTAIN Project: Mount Cameroon and Mount Batcha (14 days)

If you are fans of climbing, adrenalin, this is a special designed program. Mount Cameroon is one of most high mountain in Africa (4100m), we provide you 2 or 3 days ecologic tour to reach the summit and come back. With this specific Mountain project, you can visit almost all the major southern Cameroon: Buea, Limbe, Bafoussam BangangtĂ©, Batchingou, Kribi, Yaounde, Douala, Foumban, Dschang ... >> Register now  >>

INTERSHIP FOR  STUDENT Project (03-12months)

We allow foreign students to do theiracademic or professional internships in our  association. This possibility is very useful because work deliver by those interns allow us to develop new projects / products and they receive the appropriate framework for their research.feeding and accommodation are provided. >> Register Now >>

 BUILDING YOUNG Project(15 days-1,5 months)

This product allows volunteers to register and participate in one or more of our projects. to become a volunteer >> Register Now >>

DAD VOLUNTEERING Project  (02-06 months or more)

Volunteering is a selfless commitment to serve a good cause. we hope to receive as part of this project experienced people between 45 and 55 who agree to make available their expertise, competencies and skills to our association and for great impacts in various communities. >> Register here >>

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