Engineering of Computer Maintenance and services related
  1. Definition and analisys of customer needs,
  2. Planning of Maintenance operations,
  3. Technical assistance,
  4. Automatic maintenance system,
  5. Architecture definition and building of computer systems for companies and Organisations,
  6. Maintenance of operating system and productive softwares, antivirus and updates,
  7. Offline and online data base creation,
  8. Designing of dynamic websites.
Engineering of documentation
  1. Conception of technical documents : administratives letters, business cards, invitation letters, professional badges , wishes cards …
  2. Update of documents,
  3. Designing of advertising documents, companies/organisationlogos...
  4. Digitization of documents.
 Web design (
  1. Web site building 
  2. Web hosting
  3. Web marketing
  4. Web site management

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